State of Sales Development
Sales Development is one of the most misunderstood roles in sales. To better understand this emerging role and the place it has in sales, Labs commissioned a study in partnership with Tenbound, SalesForLife, BridgeGroup, Drift, Datanyze, and OneMob. The report analyzes nearly 1000 companies  across four fundamental areas of structure, systems, people, and pipeline.
What You'll Learn:
The number of sales development reps in the US and how companies are splitting sales development reps into inbound and outbound and high-velocity and account-based.
What technologies the best companies are using to support their sales development team and how much the average company is spending per rep per month.
How companies are retaining top talent through a properly structured compensation model and what you can expect in regards to ramp time and tenure. 
From the top of the funnel to the bottom of the funnel, what organizations are doing in regards to pipeline numbers to remain competitive.
Gabe Larsen - VP InsideSales Labs
We've got another study and this one is NEEDED. It's the largest study of it's kind and it really lays a foundation for this popular, yet often misunderstood, sales development function. 

Download this report and you'll get a solid understanding of how to setup, systematize, and work effectively with your sales development team. - All Rights Reserved