Time Management for Sales
Sales reps spend 36.6% of their time actually selling. 
Only 18.0% of their time is spent in CRM
Where Do Sales Reps Spend Their Time?
Sales Tasks
We evaluated the time spent, effectiveness, and time and effectiveness of sales reps when it comes to their daily tasks. We found a ton of interesting stats on sales reps spend their time on tasks. Such as:
  • Time Management: 28.0% of sales reps follow a structured time management philosophy
  • Facebook: 7% of sales reps found Facebook to be more effective than internal meetings
  • Administrative: Administrative tasks were both seen as a waste of time and not effective
Sales Systems
We studied how reps spend their time in the various systems they have at their disposal. Here's a few of the findings: 
  •  CRM: Only 18.0% of a sales reps time is spent in the CRM
  • Spreadsheets: 9.7% of a sales rep time is spent in spreadsheets trying to manage CRM tasks
  • Adoption: Sales reps do not adopt tools they find non effective
Who Benefits From This Research?
Gabe Larsen - VP InsideSales.com Labs
Time Management is fundamental to the success of a sales rep so we wanted to study it and figure out how reps were doing at it. The answer is both companies and reps have a long way to go. 

Grab the study and find out how nearly 200 sales reps manage their time across different sales tasks and different sales systems.
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